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Alundra is the main protagonist of the first game in the series. Alundra is of the Elna; a clan of elfin Dreamwalkers. He is often called "Releaser" by certain sages and their associates, a habit Melzas shares. As a silent protagonist, Alundra's personality is unclear, as is his past, however characters perceive him as kind and gentle.


Alundra is an Elna, a race of people able to enter the minds and dreams of others. This is a great threat to the various deities the occupy the world of Alundra, and attracts their attention.

Alundra is skilled with a variety of weapons, seen able to hold many creatures and deadly beasts at bay with a dagger, bows, swords, flails and an array of other tools. When he initially arrives in Inoa Village, he wields only a dagger and is able to use this to an extent that impresses the ancient and wise Lars.


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Alundra's journey begins when he is called to the Torla region by Lars. While aboard The Klark, the great demon Melzas unleashes a powerful storm to destroy the ship. However, this allows Alundra to arrive at Inoa Village; right at the heart of the affair.

Alundra arrives to see the village in internal turmoil. Though Alundra is still unclear what Lars wishes him to do, Alundra resolves to assist the villagers after a scholar named Septimus shows Alundra the gifts of the Elna, and he is able to cure the nightmares plaguing the people.

After a time Alundra discovers Lars' Crypt, and ventures deep within to meet the spirit of the sage himself. Lars explains the purpose behind the call; Alundra has been summoned to confront and defeat Melzas before he can regain his own power. Lars goes on to explain that Alundra must locate the seven Crests from the Guardians of the Seal in order to raise Melzas' palace, and confront the demon.

As Alundra seeks out the Guardians, he is confronted by Melzas' many attempts to stop him, and fights, largely in vain, to save the lives of the villagers. However, Alundra is eventually able to save around a third of the villagers, collect the crests, put a stop to the attempts of the Murgg on the villagers, and raises the shrine.

Inside, Alundra confronts the great demon, and is eventually able to defeat Melzas and destroy him utterly. In the game's ending, he is seen to remain in Inoa for some time, helping to rebuild the village, though it is evident the horrors of his ordeal haunt him; he finds it difficult to sleep and often recalls his more climatic battles. He and Meia eventually depart for reasons that are not explicitly indicated. After travelling together for a while, he and Meia eventually go their separate ways, as he goes in search of other adventures.