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Beaumont is a character featuring in the video game Alundra.


As the Village Elder of Inoa, Beaumont's been busy trying to keep both the villagers and his family happy. His wife, Thyea, is humble and very intelligent. His son, Talis, on the other hand, is known to be an arrogant brat.

Through the course of the game Beaumont has several predications as to what course of action must be taken regarding the nightmares the villagers suffer, Alundra's arrival and doings, Ronan's fanatism, Septimus arguments and later Meia's statements regarding his faith to the gods.

As the major Beaumont tries more than any other to be objective regarding many matters such as when Ronan demanded for Alundra to be vanished from the town, as a believer of the gods Beaumont confesed to have been tempted of doing so, but aknowledges that Alundra has done nothing but helping the villagers since his arrival.

Beaumont follows the teachings of Ronan and refuses to believe him a murderer and knows about the secret statue of Melzas at the basement of the Sanctuary, yet he is not as fanatical as Ronan is, thereby Beaumont sees more sense in the words spoken by Septimus and Meia unlike Ronan or Giles who inmediately claims them to be heretics, this and later the undeniable facts of Melzas turning all possible forces against the villagers ultimately made Beaumont doubt his faith, and join forces with Septimus at finding the source of the evil.

Near the end of the game, Beaumont and his family survives the attack of the Murgg and the destruction of the village and helps Meia barricade the survivors inside the Sanctuary after all of them summon the Holy Sword for Alundra to finally destroy Melzas.[1]


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