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Bonaire's speech portrait
"So you're the dude everyone's talking about. Well met, bro! This is tumbleweed central in the entertainment department,
...but the babes are righteous and the surf is most excellent...Brah, sorry, dude. Faux pas!
—Bonaire, on first meeting Alundra.

Bonaire's field sprite

Bonaire is a character featuring in the video game Alundra. A resident of Inoa Village, Bonaire is a laid-back, feel-good kind of guy. Because of his seeming lack of interest in the fairer sex, his ageing father, Phineas, is losing hope of seeing his son married.


Bonaire is a sterotypical '90's surfer dude, obvious in his vocabulary and personality. He seems to be mostly unaffected by the events that ravage the village, until he himself falls victim to the nightmares. His nightmare manifests as Sarah, "The Devourer of Souls", who ensnares Bonaire with her illusory appearance as the most bodacious of babes.

Nadia is also suffering from a nightmare at the same time, but she will not allow Alundra to enter hers until he has saved Bonaire. As Alundra traverses Bonaire's Nightmare, he encounters the being called Sarah, acting as the source and core of the nightmare. Alundra fights and defeats her; however, she claims she will not be going alone, and promises to take with her the one Bonaire loves, but has been too blind to see.

Alundra emerges from the nightmare to hear of Nadia's passing, just after Bonaire realises it could only be her. Bonaire's attitude takes a somewhat darker tone for the remainder of the game, but his core personality remains unchanged, and he continues to offer his rather unique views on current affairs.

After the village fire, Alundra can find Bonaire's body lying by his house.