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Bonaire's Dream
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Bonaire's Dream is caused by the creature Sara; a temptress and warping demon. Alundra enters Bonaire's Nightmare, and destroys Sara, thus saving him from Melzas's grasp.


The nightmare is significantly darker in colour than many other nightmares, and features many skulls mounted on various walls, typically hanging above either a warp plate, or an exit point. The nightmare centres around a three-peaked cliff, with the westernmost one being where Alundra enters the nightmare, and the easternmost one being where the final confrontation takes place.

As Alundra ventures forth, he is opposed by Sara, first by creating giant blocks, then by unleashing various minions, and finally, directly. The blocks are coloured red and blue, and are linked with statues of a dragon circling around an orb. Striking a red statue will cause the blue blocks and statues to activate, with the red statues and blocks will deactivate, allow Alundra passage.

When Alundra finally catches up with Bonaire and Sara, she leads him to the final chamber, where she will make her kill, and unleashes a number of minions and a giant spike ball against Alundra. Passing these, Alundra faces off with Sara, who takes her true form as a demon. Destroying her ends the nightmare, and frees Bonaire.