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Coal Mine
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Alundra dungeon
This article is about the dungeon. You may be looking for the overworld area.

The Coal Mine is a dungeon in Alundra. It is the fourth dungeon in the game, and the second physical one.


As the miners dug deeper and deeper, the Murgg began digging their own tunnel, and ambushed the miners. Olen managed to escape, and it is through his subconscious that Alundra learns what has occurred. Thus, he ventures within to discover how the Murgg managed to ambush the miners, and to close the route off for good.


The mine interior is initially not accessible after its collapse; however, once Jess crafts the Mining Bomb, it can be used to re-open the the entrance. Much of the mine is devoted to simple puzzles and tracks for the mining carts to run on, and many of the puzzles further utilise the Bomb.

By jumping into the mine carts, they will move quickly along the tracks, destroying objects in the tracks that Alundra cannot destroy himself, and activating any switches near the tracks. Most tracks have an associated switch which can change the branch the carts take.

In terms of hazards, danger mostly consists of falling rocks, Turtles and Murgg. At the end of the dungeon a small pack of Murgg attacks Alundra, but they are easily despatched. Exiting from this end of the mine brings the player to a side entrance to the Murgg Woods, but as soon as Alundra exits the mine, both of its entrances are sealed permanently.