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Deadeye Zach's is a darts minigame in Alundra 2. There are three Deadeye Zach's in the Varuna region; one by the Howling Cave, one by Gwaba Town, and one by Eden Village.


A view of the dartboard, having hit the bullseye.

Each region of the dartboard has its point value written on it, apart from the bullseye, which is worth 100 points. The 10 and 20 point regions are in the middle section of the board, while the 30, 40 and 50 regions are around the edge. The grey area around the bullseye and the wall around the dartboard are both worth zero. Every successful scoring dart will increase the multiplier by one up to a maximum of x5, but scoring a zero at any point will reset the multiplier to x1.

Hitting two regions of the same value in a row earns the player "chances", which cause the marker to move much more slowly. The main purpose of chances is to give the player a relatively easy opportunity to target the bullseye. The number of chances earned depends on the scoring region, and is equal to the point value of the region divided by 10 (e.g. hitting 40 twice in a row earns 4 chances), apart from the bullseye, which gives 5 chances rather than 10.


All prizes are single stock apart from the Panacea. Each LV 3 Elemental Ring upgrade becomes available after purchasing the corresponding LV 2 upgrade.

Prize Points
Newt Ring.png Newt LV 2 2500
Newt Ring.png Newt LV 3 7500
Siren Ring.png Siren LV 2 1500
Siren Ring.png Siren LV 3 4500
Pixie Ring.png Pixie LV 2 1000
Pixie Ring.png Pixie LV 3 3000
Dryad Ring.png Dryad LV 2 2000
Dryad Ring.png Dryad LV 3 6000
Vita Stone.png Vita Stone 30000
Elemental Orb.png Element Vita 5000
Amulet.png Amulet 9000
Panacea.png Panacea 2000

The total cost of buying everything apart from Panaceas is 72,000 points, which would require 146 bone darts with impossibly perfect play.