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"Welcome to my castle, handsome stranger...
Who gave you permission to enter my bedchamber?! Guards!!
It's funny, isn't it, love? You just can't help but laugh...
No means no, you pervert! Don't make me smack you!
—Elene's multiple personalities

Elene is a character featuring in the video game Alundra. She is a young girl, living with her achoholic father, Gustav, and enduring the multiple personalities that have formed, due to not one, but four nightmares inhabiting her mind.


Elene can be met early in the game, and is evident that she is unwell, but due to her father's state, and her mother's absence, her condition is untreated and largely ignored for most of the game. One night, her nightmares worsen, and he father begins to fear for her health.

Unsure what to do, he beseaches both Meia and Alundra for assistance. Meia attempts to destroy the nightmares, but can not do so due to the complex, interlocking nature of the nightmares. She is forced to swallow her collosal pride, and recruit's Alundra's help.

After a long and difficult struggle, both Meia and Alundra amerge, triumphant. Elene comments that it is odd to be alone in her own head, but now has a sober and loving father to help her. Her short and tragic life comes to a sudden end in the fires that engulf the village; dying in her house shortly after she is released from her torment.