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Elene's Dream
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Elene's 15 Minutes
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Elene suffers from the nightmares, like many in Inoa Village, which intensify and attempt to take her life soon after Alundra visits Nirude. Meia attempts to eradicate the nightmare by herself, but finds that it would be impossible for any one person to do so, and so she enlists Alundra's help, and the two dive into the child's mind together.


Elene's Dream is divided into five major parts; the entrance, followed by four sections representing the four classical elements. In each section Meia and Alundra team up to complete a puzzle.

The entrance focuses on traveling across platforms of multiple heights, and maze like structures. In this section Meia will trigger a series of switches, which will cause a series of platforms to appear in the same position as the switches, forcing Alundra to mimic Meia's movements, in order to open the way to the crossroad.

The crossroad consists of five warp pads; a central save-point warp pad, and one to each of the four classical elements; fire, water, earth and air. The warp pads are guarded by large, coloured, revolving crystals, each representing the elements, with the one hovering over the save-point cycling through the elements. By striking the one hovering above the save-point, the crystals of that element will shatter, and that section of the nightmare will be open.

Within each section are a series of puzzles based on the element in question; the fire section is covered in lava, with spouts of fire erupting from the ground, the air section is frozen and has heavy use of frozen pillars, the earth section has soft sand which Alundra can burrow into using the Sand Cape, and the water section using many waterways and currents to hamper Alundra's progress.

Alundra must face off against the Hidden Eye at the end of each section, with a double Hidden Eye appearing in The water and air sections. After each Hidden Eye has been defeated, the elemental crystal will appear, allowing Alundra to enter the next section. After three battles with the Hidden Eyes, the final section will contain the "real" Elene herself.

Depending one which area you save for last the "real" Elene will say diffrent things

Water: (the true Elene?) IS you? The ones that have released my other selves from thier wicked bonds?
I know that what you did was just, but I am still consumed by sorrow and regret.
Though wicked, the three were a part of me, just as I was a part of them.
It feels strange to once again command this psyche with a solitary will, but I shall master it again.
Thank you both for this gracious act of selflessness. I shall not squander this second chance...
 You are the murderers who have slain my dear sisters!
I heard their screams. I lived their pain. I felt their terror.
Though I feel sad about the turn of events, I know it was the only way...
They had to perish, so that I could live.
I finally...seem to be myself again. For that, you have my deepest thanks...
This world of dreams is not for two who feel so deeply.
Therefore, I shall use what power I possess to return you to the world of conscious...
 You two alone rid the castle of the impostors? I can't thank you enough!
This castle was much too crowded before, but now i have plenty of room!
I wish i could reward you. But all o can do is boot you out of this pathetic dream.
I guess you'll have to settle for that, now won't you? Bye bye, now! See ya!
 So, you've slain the other three souls in this body? So what?
Nothing here as changed for me, nor shall anything ever really change here.
I lived for myself when they yet lived, and I live for myself now that they have perished.
If you have finished saying what you will, leave this place. I want to be alone.........eternally.
You can forget about me, but I shall remain tucked away in Elene's subconscious forever!