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Alundra, one of the surviving Elna

The Elna, also known as Dreamwalkers, were a clan of elfin people with the ability to enter the minds of others. This poses them as an opposite of the gods of the Alundra world; the gods are born from the minds of people, and become physical, while the Elna were physical beings, able to enter the dreamworld.

They can be identified by their pointed ears and a mark on their forehead. There appears to be other elves outside of the Elna clan, but their powers and properities are never explored within the game. What happened to the Elna, or if they still exist, is unknown and unexplored. Both Melzas and Lars reach out to Alundra due to him belonging to this race; as the sole beings able to combat the god's nightmare and demons.

The only two known members of the Elna clan are Alundra and Meia.