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Fairy Pond
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The Fairy Pond is an optional dungeon, accessible via the large whirlpool west of the Riverside Pub once Alundra has obtained the Aqua Cape. Prior to obtaining the Aqua Cape, attempting to enter the whirlpool will simply have it eject Alundra onto dry land.


The dungeon extends deep below the surface of the river, in a series of cavernous waterways. Through a series of teleport tiles, Alundra can venture into the depths of the water and navigate through the tunnels.

Many puzzles focus on the disorientating effects of height and depth varying simultaneously, and Alundra's greatly amplified jumping ability whilst underwater. There are also many floating hazards that Alundra must avoid, both fully submerged and floating in shallow water. Underwater hazards can simply be navigated around; however, they can also be removed by damaging the chain tethering them, although this causes rocks to fall down when the hazard hits the ceiling.

When Alundra reaches the final chamber, he meets with Stenia, the Queen of Waves. Stenia congratulates Alundra on his skill, and voices her amazement at humanity's prowess; she claims to have been watching Alundra's journey via the lakes and rivers. She goes on to explain the origin of the seven Gazeck, and of Melzas himself. However, Melzas somehow discovers what is occurring, and uses his power to collapse the caverns. Stenia gives Alundra the Fiend Blade before urging him to flee.

Once Alundra emerges from the Fairy Pond, the whirlpool will vanish.


  • While Alundra is underwater, thrown objects travel much further than usual. This even includes the projectiles from the Ice Wand and Fire Wand, which seem to continue on a perfectly horizontal trajectory until they either hit something or leave the screen.
  • While most dungeons in the game have exactly one each of Gilded Falcon and Life Vessel, the Fairy Pond lacks a Gilded Falcon. This makes it one of a handful of exceptions, the others being Wendell's Dream, Olen's Nightmare, the Sanctuary, and the Tower of the Great Tree.