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A Gilded Falcon

Gilded Falcons are an item found in Alundra. There are fifty in total, and they can be presented to Merrick in order to receive unique items in return. Typically, there is one Gilded Falcon in every dungeon, which naturally means that some are permanently missable.

Rewards from Merrick
15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
Life Vessel.png Olga's Ring.png Life Vessel.png Silver Armlet.png Life Vessel.png Recovery Ring.png Life Vessel.png Spirit Wand.png
Life Vessel Olga's Ring Life Vessel Silver Armlet Life Vessel Recovery Ring Life Vessel Spirit Wand

Location list[]

N.B. Permanently missable Gilded Falcons are designated in italics and bolded

  1. Tarn's Manor.
  2. Wendell's Nightmare.
  3. Olen's Nightmare. The chest appears after killing all of the Murgg, but the animation for obtaining it must be complete before Septimus calls Alundra out, otherwise the game doesn't register its acquisition.
  4. Olen's house, just north of Inoa Village. Can be collected after Olen returns to the village after the Coal Mine explosion, but must be collected before talking to Septimus after the Coal Mine dungeon, as Olen's house is destroyed soon after that.
  5. Coal Mine. In chest on west ledge in room the mine cart brings you to after the save point. After the cave-in blocks off the path to the turtles, you must climb the structure on the east side of the room to cross to the southern ledge. When you reach the southern ledge, you may climb to the highest point of the central structure to jump to the western ledge.
  6. In a chest directly across the river from Kohei's house, accessible after completing and exiting the Coal Mine dungeon
  7. Lars' Crypt. Top corner of the room under the area where you trigger the conveyor belts by inspecting a statue. Alundra must fall into the open area to reach the room with the Falcon.
  8. Bonaire's Nightmare, in the room where Bonaire and Sara were talking.
  9. In chest next to the third statue in the Ancient shrine
  10. In chest on right hand carved rock formation in the Despair desert
  11. In chest on riverbank across from the Watermill
  12. In chest in the hidden room to the left of the wooden bridge in the Coastal cave dungeon
  13. In chest behind Nava's house by the sea, only accessible after you acquire the ability to swim
  14. In chest in area above the rotted stump, just above Nava's house by the sea, use bomb to destroy the rotted tree stump
  15. In chest in the first room of the cave behind the third tower in Kline's subconscious
  16. In chest down the path to the left of the Dark swamp. It is on the high bluff overlooking the sea
  17. In chest in room below the first giant lizard statue that you destroy in the Ancient lizard god dungeon,
  18. In chest across the gap to the left of the two stone faces in Giles' nightmare
  19. In room to the right of the area with the save and regeneration warp plate in Magyscar. Use the torches in the room to burn the bushes or return when you have the fire wand.
  20. In chest next to the warp plate that leads to a save and regeneration point in Meia's subconscious
  21. In chest on bookshelf in Nava's house by the sea
  22. In chest inside the Watermill
  23. In chest on raised area just to the left of the square shaped, wooden ogre totem pole, just East of Inoa
  24. In chest across the river slightly Northwest of Nava's house by the sea
  25. In chest on ledge at the bottom of cave under the ruins to the West
  26. In chest just to the left of the Level two Water book. You must walk through the break in the bushes to reach it
  27. In chest to the left of the high pool of water formed by the river near Lurvy's Smith Shack
  28. In chest in cave slightly to the Northwest of the Watermill. You must use the warp plate in the cave to reach it
  29. In chest on ledge slightly Southwest of the Ice Manor
  30. In chest on the high ledge in the upper desert area. Next to the stairs that lead to Nirude Castle
  31. In chest in the side passage in the well outside Lurvy's Smith Shack
  32. In chest in cave above Olen's house
  33. In chest on ocean side of fence in front of the Medallion shop
  34. In chest in house to the right of the Inoa mine. You must fall into the house from the door in the cliffs above
  35. In chest on stone in water in the room underneath the engine room in the watery passage leading to Nirude Castle. You must fall into the hole behind the waterfall in the engine room to reach it
  36. In chest next to the top right giant stone head outside Nirude Castle
  37. In chest in room with the pool of water in the right foot section of Nirude castle
  38. In chest behind the jewel crest altar on the island by itself
  39. In chest under the water pools/falls in Elene's subconscious. It is in the chest above the lever to the left
  40. In chest directly to the right of the ruins to the West
  41. In chest at the top right of the Murgg woods, just before entering the Great tree
  42. In chest on the upper right balcony of the Great tree
  43. In chest in the room below the wooden bridge towards the end of the Torla mountain dungeon. You must use the Spring bean plants to reach it
  44. In chest in the room where the three statues materialize in the twin's subconscious
  45. In room number twelve of the passage to Nava's island.
  46. In chest to the left of the main entrance to the Palace of Melzas
  47. In chest on the small grassy island in the Dark swamp
  48. Received after getting past 5 complete games a 5 consecutive rounds of the casino game, "Smash the Slimes" downstairs at the Riverside Pub
  49. Received after getting past 5 complete games a 5 consecutive rounds of the casino game, "Target Practice" downstairs at the Riverside Pub
  50. Received after winning 4 complete games a 5 consecutive rounds in the "Wheel of Fortune" in the Riverside Pub. Obviously, requires a lot of luck.

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