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Giles is a character featuring in the video game Alundra. A resident of Inoa Village, aprentise to Ronan, and brother of Kisha. He appears to be as self righteous as his master at first, but is truly just trying to protect his sister, and the other villagers as best he can.


Giles became extremely religious when he lost both of his parents in a freak gardening accident, becoming the apprentice of Ronan shortly after. Giles appears at many of the great happens in the village, often just standing on the sidelines with his master, and leaving when he does.

As the villagers begin dying, he begins to fear for his sister. Due to Ronan's urgings, he begins to believe Alundra is a demon sent to destroy them and oppose their god's return. He becomes increasingly hostile of Alundra, even confronting him to tell him to leave a short time later.

After Kline perishes due to the nightmares, Alundra discovers it has moved into Giles' mind, and ventures into the dreamscape to save the priest in training. Alundra is sucessful, and Giles begins to rethink what he has been told. He still believes that the gods are great and merciful, but questions whether Alundra truly has been sent to corrupt and destroy them.

After Sybill prophecises the creation of the Holy Sword, Ronan is sent to prevent Lutas' death, while Giles is sent to kill Sybill and Jess. He snaps her neck during one of the following nights, and murders Jess when the smith comes to confront Ronan in the graveyard by the Sanctuary.

Giles, being to no further use, falls victim to the nightmares once more, this time more powerful than before. Alundra and Meia decide to confront the nightmare as one, when a pack of Murgg attack. Meia guards Giles, while Alundra destroys the monkeys. However, it is too late; Giles has already been corrupted by the nightmares, and transformed into a werewolf.

Giles, now a savage beast, lunges towards Meia to kill her. But he knocks Kisha to the ground by accident. Noticing what he has done, he realized his erroneous ways and brought forth the strength to take control of his mind once more and spiritually fought till he died as a human, rather than live as Melzas' puppet any longer.