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Giles' Dream
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Giles' Salvation
Alundra dungeon

Soon after Alundra returns from the Reptile Lair, Giles falls into a nightmare. Meia claims that he can not be saved, but Alundra attempts to regardless.


Giles' Nightmare is heavily twisted and distorted; many holes appear in the floors, and the walls appear to be organic. The layout of the Nightmare is confusing and convoluted, representing Giles' uncertainty towards his morals.

As Alundra ventures deeper into the young man mind, he finds many strange puzzles such as; a maze containing a life vessel, which is lost if he takes too long to reach it, ice crystals which must be transported through many traps and ambushes, and a classical switch puzzle: A single room is filled with sixteen switches, arranged in a four by four pattern. Activating one switch will causes all adjacent switches on the cardinal points to activate if inactive, and deactivate if active. Only when all switches are active will the door open.

As Alundra approaches the Nightmare's core, he is confronted by six wapers, attacking from multiple directions. Destroying them will allow Alundra to reach the Soul Leech. However, as Giles' mind is already heavily damaged, a single attack against Giles by the Leech will kill him.

Alundra is eventually able to defeat the Soul Leech, and free Giles from the Nightmare.