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The Guardians, or Guardians of the Seal, are seven sages and wisemen from long ago. Most have perished before Alundra began his journey, but have managed to remain in the form of a spectural wraith to continue watching over the seal placed on Melzas' castle.

The crests used to seal Melzas were given to them by the king, and entrusted with the duty to guard both them, and the seal until someone would come with the power to destroy Melzas.

The seven Guardians are:

  • Lars. A sage and magician of old. He forsaw Alundra's arrival and reached out to him through the elf's dreams, and eventually entrusted him with the Ruby Crest. He is represented by the colour white.
  • Vul. Another magician from the era of the King of Torla. Jeal once held the Garnet Crest before it was stolen by the Murgg, and resides in the Coastal Cave. He is represented by the colour blue.
  • Jeal. An ancient blacksmith and sage. His soul rests in the Reptile Lair and refers to the lizards in a possessive sense. He holds the Sapphire Crest, and is coloured Orange.
  • Uma. She is also known by her title "Queen of the Dead", and is likely to be a god much like Melzas. Her Agate Crest was also stolen by the Murgg, and is aligned to the colour Green.
  • Nirude. The last surviving Gazeck, or giant. He was entrusted with the Topaz Crest, which he surendered his life to protect.
  • Wilda. The oldest of the Guardians; she is an ancient dragon slumbering deep within Torla Mountain, where she awaits the Releaser. She is in custody of the Emerald Crest.
  • Nava. One of the last of the Zolist, Nava was entrusted with the Diamond Crest. He normally resides in a shack just south of Inoa Village. Beneath the shack is the entrance to a long, confusing tunnel reaching far off shore, where he lives in a small house on his own island. Nava is slain shortly after reliquishing his Crest to Alundra, but returns as a spirit, like his fellow Guardians, and is lavender in colour.

Each of the guardians displays some degree of magic, the most common being their manifestation as a spirit, to guide the Releaser, and teleportation to allow him to leave their dungeons.