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Gustav is Elene's alcoholic father, he lives south of Sierra and Sybill's house in the village of Inoa. He is a hot headed man, constantly using strong language. Throughout the game he spends his time drinking and cursing towards any topic related to his neighbors, the Gods and Alundra. He bears a special hatred towards miners, and upon learning they've become trapped inside the Coal Mines, roots for their deaths.

Although not explored in the story of the game, Gustav became a drunkard after Elene's mother abandoned them for a miner. He is usually complaninig about Elene's condition and claiming it's not his fault, calling her insane. However unknown to him, the whole time Elene was in fact being haunted by a nightmare that took control of Elene's conciousnesss and surfaced as four individual personas.

When Elene's condition worsens and forces her in bed, Gustav puts aside his ways and begs for Alundra and Meia's help. After saving Elene, Gustav swears never to drink again, giving Alundra a Steel Flail as a roken of gratitude, afterwards he lives happily with his daugther for a short time until the village is attacked by Murggs.

During the attack Elene dies in the fire and Gustav is left a broken man once again, yet instead of drowning in drinking he's left with a malicious grudge aganstt the Murgg and Melzas, and eager to put an end to the evil schemes of Melzas he supports Meia and Alundra in the final prayer to end the evil that haunts the land.