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Jess's speech portrait
"The people of Inoa are very nice. Not as nice as me, of course, but they try."

Jess is a character featuring in the video game Alundra. He is the source of many of the game's weapons and items, and speaking to him will often give the player large hints on their next destination, or what they may find there.

Personality and Background[]

Jess is very fatherly to Alundra, and very friendly to everyone in general. He often makes jokes, and is happy most of the time. However, whenever any ill fate falls on anyone within the village, he is saddened greatly. He has a habit of starting many of his sentences with "Oy" and ending them with "You know what I'm saying?", giving him a somewhat unique speech pattern.

His wife and child died in an undisclosed accident many years before the opening of the game, and he has become quite lonely since. As such, he takes Alundra in without hesitation, and treats him like a son.


After Alundra washes up on the beach, Jess takes him in and cares for him until he wakes and begins his journey. Throughout the game, he crafts many weapons and items that enable Alundra to access and complete a number of dungeons within the game, including the Mining Bomb, Hunter's Bow, Iron Flail, and Power Glove.

Alundra receives a vision from Sybill of Jess forging a powerful sword; the Holy Sword. When Melzas discovers this, he is frightened, and sets Ronan to protect Lutas, whose death inspires the forging, and to kill Jess when the situation permits it.

After hearing of Alundra's suspicions of Ronan, he ventures to the Sanctuary were he plans to confront Ronan and reach a solution, however, Ronan uses this opportunity to kill Jess, ending the threat of the Holy Sword. However, Jess left a note behind explaining his plan, which confirms Alundra's suspicions of Ronan, and reveal Melzas's fear of the sword.

Using this knowledge, when Alundra prepares to obtain the final crest and destroy Melzas, the villagers pool their dreams to undo Melzas's plans and create the Holy Sword.

Jess's House[]

Jess's house, like most of the houses in Inoa, has two floors. The lower floor consists of Jess's personal forge and a large empty room, presumably made for showcasing Jess's creations before he was tricked into thinking he could not create anymore. Between the two is a small blue chest, which remains locked until late in the game, after Jess's demise. Within, Jess leaves a goodbye message to Alundra and a broken set of armour, which Alundra can have repaired.

Upstairs consists of Jess's bedroom and a spare room which becomes Alundra'a bedroom. Next to Alundra's bed is a diary which acts as a save point minus the healing pads.

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