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Kline is a character featuring in the video game Alundra. He is a hunter by trade, and the protector of Inoa Village. He lives alone in his house in the south-eastern corner of the village.


Kline is the strongest member of the village, and known as an expert marksman. He has been able to hold the Murgg at bay whenever they ventured towards the village, and stands guard at the Coal Mine after the collapse.

Soon after Alundra arrives in the village, Sybill shows him a vision of Kline becoming a werewolf. It is not long before this comes to pass; Kline falls victim to the nightmares, and despite Alundra's best efforts, can not hold his own on this front, and is transformed into the demonic beast.

Before his full transformation, he appears animalistic, and stalks the village in a barbaric and feral manner; peering in the windows of the women, and crashing through Alundra's roof in the middle of the night.

After these events, the full transformation occurs, and Kline loses control; attacking Alundra without thought or regards for those around him. Alundra is forced to slay him, leaving the village without its icon of security and safety.