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Lars' Crypt
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Into the Crypt
Alundra dungeon
"One step forward, two steps back. That is the rule in a world turned black."
—Hint to the crypt's final puzzle

Lars' Crypt is located at the rear of the graveyard, and opens when Lars calls to Alundra. The tomb is dedicated to many wise men and sages of ages past, all of whom wish to test whether Alundra is truly the "Releaser".


The crypt consists of three major puzzles and several smaller ones, which the player must complete in order to progress. It is the first physical dungeon (as opposed to a dream dungeon) to feature unphysical changes, such as rooms looping, bridges appearing out of thin air, and walls crumbling.

The first room of the crypt contains five plaques dedicated to five saints; Saint White, Blue, Red, Green, and Brown. Examining each of the plaques will cause the spirit of the saint to rise and inform Alundra of the relative significance of their teachings, giving the player the information needed to discover the correct order to summon them. After the correct order has been entered, they will remain, rather than vanishing. Speaking to the spirit in the chamber above will cause the saints' spirits to gather and open the door deeper into the crypt.

Next is a open chamber, containing two plaques which read, "Here lies Alundra". Reading them will summon undead creatures which will attack Alundra; destroying them will trigger the appearance of a bridge that allows Alundra to progress deeper into the crypt.

The last major puzzle, at the end of the tomb, involves two rooms that continuously loop from one to the other. By entering and exiting in the correct directions, the loop is broken, allowing Alundra to reach the penultimate chamber. As Alundra enters this chamber, Lars sets the final test against him: a giant stone golem known as the Ancient Guardian. Killing the Guardian allows Alundra to meet Lars himself, whereupon the wizard reveals several plot details, and entrusts Alundra with the Ruby Crest, the first of the seven Crests.