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A Life Vessel

Life Vessels are an item found in Alundra. Each time Alundra finds one, his maximum hit points are permanently increased by one. There are forty Life Vessels in total, giving Alundra a total of 50 hit points if the player locates all of them. Typically, there is one Life Vessel in every dungeon, which naturally means that some are permanently missable.

Location list[]

N.B. Permanently missable Life Vessels are designated in italics and bolded

  1. Tarn's Manor
  2. Chest near sign reading "Tarn manor to the North, Dark swamp to the South, Village of Inoa to the West" in the Tarn's Manor area
  3. Inoa Village shop; costs 500 gilder
  4. Reward for completing the Coal Mine dungeon
  5. Reward for completing the Lars' Crypt dungeon (not missable, since the Crest chest and the exit only appear, if all three reward chests have been opened)
  6. Room shortly before the end of Bonaire's Nightmare
  7. Lurvy's Smith Shack; costs 400 gilder. Only available after purchasing the Leather Armour
  8. Reward for completing the Ancient Shrine dungeon
  9. Small ledge above the Watermill
  10. Small peninsula south of the Coastal Cave, accessed by approaching from the Dark Swamp
  11. In chest in room shortly before Boss' chamber of Coastal cave
  12. In chest in 1st floor of tower 3 of Kline's nightmare
  13. In chest in pool above top waterfall in Lurvy's Smith Shack area. You must have the ability to swim in order to reach it
  14. In chest across small wooden bridge in Ancient lizard god dungeon
  15. In chest in stalactite maze room in Giles' nightmare
  16. In chest in room with thorn bushes on small islands in Magyscar
  17. In chest after completing five consecutive rounds of slime combat in the first room under the Riverside pub
  18. In chest after completing five consecutive rounds of target shooting in the second room under the Riverside pub
  19. In chest after successfully winning five consecutive rounds of roulette in the third room under the Riverside pub
  20. Given to you by Captain Merrick at the Medallion shop when you have fifteen gilded falcons
  21. Given to you by Captain Merrick at the Medallion shop when you have twenty five gilded falcons
  22. Given to you by Captain Merrick at the Medallion shop when you have thirty five gilded falcons
  23. Given to you by Captain Merrick at the Medallion shop when you have Forty five gilded falcons (missable if you didn't find enough falcons)
  24. In chest in room with three stools in the sanctuary
  25. In chest in Meia's past, where you play tag with her
  26. In chest on ledge in front of Magyscar. To reach this ledge, you must burn the thorn bush at the right of the wooden bridge that runs above the back of the cemetery, then cross the bridge and enter the cave at the left end of it. Proceed through the cave, and up the stairs to the ledge where the chest is
  27. In chest above the Riverside pub to the right. There is a thorn bush blocking you from reaching it. It is also directly to the right of the broken statue
  28. In chest hidden behind the red hot pillars in the cave where you find the key for unlocking the drainage building in the upper desert area
  29. In chest after log jumps in watery passage under Nirude Castle
  30. In chest in room with female statue in shoulder of Nirude Castle
  31. In chest on cliffs in the underwater caves
  32. In chest on upper icy ledge in Elene's subconscious
  33. In chest in room of ledges in the ruins below the Murgg woods
  34. In chest above spiked steel ball that the murgg drop onto the path in the Murgg woods
  35. In chest on high platform in the Great tree where you must fall from the room above to reach it
  36. In chest on left hand balcony in the Great tree
  37. In chest in lava pit in the second room of the Torla mountain
  38. In chest in room where the three statues materialize in the twin's subconscious
  39. In chest on high ledge on Nava's island
  40. In chest in room to the upper left of the dining room in Melzas' palace

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