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There are several parallels between Alundra and Alundra 2, primarily in the form of the latter alluding to the former.



  • In Alundra, Alundra washes up on the beach south of Inoa Village after the crash of the Klark, and is found by Jess. In Alundra 2, Flint washes up on Tortuga Beach after the crash of the Airship, and is found by an old man from Paco Village.
  • When she first meets Alundra, Sybill comments that "[His] appearance is just as it was in [her] dreams", but that "perhaps [he's] a little shorter." Alexia makes a similar remark about Flint in Alundra 2.
  • Melzas and Mephisto both have their first boss forms attack by warping to a location in the arena to charge up a magical attack. Furthermore, Melzas's final form consists of a brain, with eyeballs and hands that attack Alundra, while Mephisto's final form is a gigantic head, with hands that attack Flint.


Although the equipment and magic systems in Alundra 2 are different to those of Alundra, many specific details are preserved.

Ability In Alundra In Alundra 2
Walking on lava Charm Boots Newt Ring
Swimming Merman Boots Siren Ring
Conjuring fireballs Fire Wand Newt Ring elemental shot
Freezing enemies in place Ice Wand Pixie Ring elemental shot