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The complete inventory of the game
The complete inventory of the game, including the best equipment. Note that this scenario is not actually possible without hacking, as the Spirit Wand is not obtainable until after the seven Crests have been placed on their pedestals and removed from the inventory.

This is a list of the weapons, armour and boots that can be obtained in Alundra.

It should be noted that on this wiki, the Hunter's Bow has a damage output defined to be 1, the lowest in the game. Therefore, all of the other weapons' damage outputs, and indeed the hit points of all of the enemies in the game, are based upon this defined value. For weapons capable of performing a charge attack, the damage output of said attack will be indicated in brackets.




Small dagger

Alundra's initial weapon.

Damage output: 2



Traditionally crafted sword.
Charge by holding Square.

Obtained in the Ancient Shrine.

Damage output: 4 (12)

Fiend Blade[]

Fiend Blade

Sword given by Stenia
Charge by holding Square.

Received from Stenia in the Fairy Pond.

Damage output: 8 (24)

Holy Sword[]

Holy Sword

Crafted from dreams.
Charge by holding Square.

Received from the villagers before going to Nava's Keep.

Damage output: 16 (46)

Legend Sword[]

Legend Sword

Sword forged for King Snow.
Impressive destructive power!

Can be obtained from the statue of King Snow, located west of Inoa Village. You need the Power Gloves to access this area, and he will only give you the weapon if you died and Quick Restarted the game at least 20 times. If it is obtained before the Fiend Blade and/or Holy Sword, it will not be replaced by them. Although it doesn't have a charged attack, it is by far the strongest weapon in the game, killing every enemy in one blow.

Damage output: 51


Iron Flail[]

Iron Flail

Excellent attack power.
Can pulverise stone!

Received from Jess after completing Bonaire's Nightmare. Can break certain stones and obstacles in the way.

Damage output: 3

Steel Flail[]

Steel Flail

Fantastic attack power.
Charge by holding Square.

Received from Gustav after completing Elene's Nightmare. Can break certain stones and obstacles in the way.

Damage output: 6 (12)


Hunter's Bow[]

Hunter's Bow

Contains Kline's soul.
Good range, but weak.

Received from Jess after completing Kline's Nightmare. It has the lowest damage in the game.

Damage output: 1

Willow Bow[]

Willow Bow

Long range, but weak.
Charge by holding Square.

Found in a chest dropped by a group of Murgg in Murgg Woods. The charged attack penetrates, hitting every enemy in its path until it either collides with a wall, or leaves the screen.

Damage output: 2 (5)


Ice Wand[]

Ice Wand

Blasts sheets of ice.
Charge by holding Square.

Found in the Ice Manor.

Damage output: 4 (12)

Fire Wand[]

Fire Wand

Bellows bullets of fire.
Charge by holding Square.

Found in the Fire Manor. Burns the spiky vines that obstruct certain paths.

Damage output: 4 (12)

Spirit Wand[]

Spirit Wand

Creates magic energy.
Prevents direct attacks.

Reward for giving Merrick all fifty Gilded Falcons. Allows Alundra to use the magic Scrolls and Books without consuming his magic seed charges, but renders him incapable of attacking normally.

Damage output: 0


Cloth Armour[]

Cloth Armour

Comfortable cloth protector.

Alundra's initial armour. Does not reduce damage.

Leather Armour[]

Leather Armour

Trendy vest of chamois leather.

Can be purchased from Lurvy's Smith Shack for 120 gilder.

Ancient Armour[]

Ancient Armour

Heavy vest made of copper.

Obtained by having Lurvy repair Jess's Broken Armour.

Silver Armour[]

Silver Armour

Holy vest of silver.

Obtained from Naomi's shop after Nestus's Nightmare.


Short Boots[]

Short Boots

Regular leather walking boots.

Alundra's initial footwear.

Long Boots[]

Long Boots

Makes walking in sand easier.

Obtained in the Ancient Shrine. Allows Alundra to walk unimpeded across sand and shallow water.

Merman Boots[]

Merman Boots

Allows one to swim in deep water.

Obtained in the Coastal Cave. Allows Alundra to swim in deep water.

Charm Boots[]

Charm Boots

Protects wearer from damage.

Obtained in Mount Torla. Allows Alundra to walk unharmed across lava and spikes.

Dummied weapons[]

There are three nonfunctional weapon icons in the game code, findable by hacking. The game does not list a name or description if the cursor is moved over them in the inventory, but they can still be selected as the active weapon. Doing so, however, acts like the Dagger is equipped. On a related note, even if the Dagger is removed from Alundra's inventory by hacking, the game still lists it as the active weapon if another is not selected, and likewise still uses its attack animation and properties.

The three dummied weapon icons are as follows:

Spikeless Steel Flail

A weapon resembling the Steel Flail, but with its spikes removed.
Occupies the slot usually reserved for flails.

Steel Flail clone

A Steel Flail clone that is identical in appearance to the real one.
Occupies the slot usually reserved for flails.

Red Spirit Wand

A red Spirit Wand, possibly using the Fire Wand's colour palette.
Occupies the slot usually reserved for the Fire Wand.