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Bergus and Nestus[]

They are twins and the sons of Rumi and Meade, from the very begining of Alundra's adventure they think of him as a cool guy, this may be because there are no young men in the village since most of them left, so Alundra is seen as an older brother fashion to Bergus and Nestus's eyes, they love their grandpa Wendel and listen to his stories and more often than not they believe him, much to Rumi's dismay. According to the villagers, Nestus is well-behaved while Bergus is a bit of a trouble maker.

Near the end of the story, Bergus is taken by the Murgg in a plan to destroy the village and Nestus falls asleep to let Alundra travel from their minds and literaly teleport himself to save Bergus.


She is with Lutas one of the younger couples of the town, Fein is proud of Lutas' strong sense of justice and usually sees the bright side of things.

When Meia arrives at the village she is a little jealous of her due to Lutas' flirtatous personality and asks Alundra to keep an eye on him.


The drunk of the village, Gustav has a daughter, Elene, and had a wife who a few years back left him for a miner and left him and Elene. This crushed Gustav who developed a grudge on the innocent miners of the Coal Mine and lead him to become an alcoholic, in fact most of the story he is seen drinking, until his daughter falls victim to a nightmare and after Alundra saves her, Gustav cleans up and becomes a responsable loving father, though this lasts little since the Murgg attack the village and kill his daughter, which leaves him completely alone with desire for vengeance and bloodthirst.


A young woman who recently moved in with her brother Giles to Inoa village. At first she is a strong believer of the gods and starts a relationship with one of the miners of the Coal Mine, Olen, though unfortunately, Olen dies and her brother coldly replies it's a test of faith, from this moment Kisha begins to doubt about the "merciful" gods and enfatuates more and more with Septimus' point of view, this and Giles fanatism with his religion hurts Kisha even more until her brother is turned into a monster by the nightmare's evil forces, something that ultimately helps her turn to Alundra's side on the battle for the freedom of Inoa.


Much like Bonaire and his his father Phineas, Myra is the mother of Nadia, and wishes to see her grandsons before she dies.

She is more than troubled to see that Bonaire has no interest in her daughter and states many times that Nadia would make the man so happy, this makes her very cranky and bitter, even more due to Nadia's sleeping curse, she prays to the gods for forgiveness but to no avail since her daughter in a final love gest demands for Alundra to save Bonaire instead of her which ends with her inevitable death.

After the events of Nadia's passing Myra is more bitter and cruel, she believes Ronan's and Giles' claims of Alundra being a demon and the source of the curse of nightmares.

Later on she takes on Meia into her home, much like Jess did with Alundra, however this seems more to replace her daugther than anything else but remain even more overprotective as she was of her daughter, she repells anyone interested in even talking with Meia.

Myra later seemed to have little to no relationship with Meia since she never knows where the girl is and finally meets her end during the attack on the village, her corpse seen lying next to her burning house.


Phineas is a very old man, probably even older than Wendel, he is seen in bed most of the game, always complaining about his old age and how much he wishes for Bonaire to have a wife and children, so that he may meet his grandsons before dying, but for his ill fortune Bonaire never does so, instead he is fasinated by a dream girl that doesn't exist nd doesn't acknowledge Nadia's interest in him.

Unlike Bonaire, who usually doesn't have anything to say about anything, Phineas clearly believes Alundra to be a source of good and always goes against the claims of others to ruin his reputation.

Unfortunately, Phineas dies when the Murgg attack the village which claim Bonaire's life as well. Phineas probably dies by the fire instead of being killed by the Murgg.


Sierra is a kind-hearted woman, who lives with her daughter Sybill, however Sierra is troubled by her child dreams and visions of the future, even later she suffers when Sybill has her visions even when awake. The only comfort she finds however is with Alundra's friendship of her daugther, to which she refers as cute.

Unfortunately Sierra may have had visions of the future like her daugther, since she mentions having disturbing nightmares about Sybill's possible death. All of her fears come true when Sybill is brutally murdered by Ronan near the town fountain, Sierra, though saddened, is also thankful to Alundra for being Sybill's friend.

After these tragic events, Sierra's house is usually unaccesible and when she can be talked to, she states she has a hard time accepting her situation.

Sierra's house is burned down in the Murgg attack on the village and she dies, rejoining her daughter in the afterlife.


​Beaumont and Thyea's son Talis is a brat, bossing aound everyone in the village, especially Alundra, and hitting on Meia, though he states she smacked him and called him weasel. Talis spends most of the game offending Alundra and calling him "peasant", demanding him favors and giving him orders until the end, when he along with all other villagers forges the Holy Sword, Talis mentions that Alundra is no peasant but a hero, he also states that he will be Alundra's slave if he destroys Melzas, but only for a week.


The wife of the Major of Inoa, Beaumont and mother of Talis, she is humble and very intelligent and a loving and caring woman. Thyea cares for most of the villagers and states that she is happy living in a small town where everybody knows her and she knows them.

Unlike Beaumont, who is placed on predicaments as to what to do with Alundra and Ronan's diverging opinions, Thyea believes Alundra to be nothing more than a good neighbor and directly states that Ronan puts his beliefs too far.

Also since she knows much about everyone in the village, she explains to Alundra how happy she is he is staying with Jess. She explains that if Jess's son hadn't died at birth, Alundra would be his same age.


Wendell is an old man of the village. He is the father of Meade and the grandfather of Nestus and Bergus. Wendell is the first person that needs to be saved from a nightmare and it is the first time Alundra ever uses his powers.

Wendell is a good grandfather. He is usually telling stories to his grandsons, much to Rumi's dismay, however these stories are ironically true, Wendell's stories go on pair with Yustel's fortune telling ability in that he usually names the direction where the player should go investigate or where a dungeon is located.

Wendell is present when Alundra enters Bergus's dream to teleport to save Nestus, and when the Murgg are transported into his house, Wendell and Meade struggle to keep Rumi and Bergus safe and end up giving up their lives so that Meia will take them to safety.


Yuri is the husband of Naomi, the owner of the town shop. Yuri is his wife's main supplier, since he is usually mountain hiking, searching for herbs to sell at the shop. Yuri is a good friend of Kline, since both are the ones that get out of the village the most.

Other characters[]


Berue is the master of the Teleport Arch network, and possibly its creator. When Alundra opens the sluice gate and enters the chamber below, Berue appears encased in a magical gemstone. He introduces himself, and states that we has watched over the Teleport Arches for millenia, to aid the Releaser in his struggles.

He shows Alundra five signs, which Alundra must repeat to prove his identity. After doing so, Berue activates the arches, allowing Alundra to reach the transport chamber. After this, he vanishes and is not referred to again.

Coal miners[]

Zane's speech portrait
From top left: Jaylen, Lyman, Olen and Zane

Four men worked in the Coal Mine, and were shown to be hardworking and friendly people. All of them are eventually killed in the aftermath of the mine collapse.

Olen, who may have been the leader of the four, is a tall, blond muscular man, known for being a very kind person. He befriended Alundra early on and seemed to also be on good terms with Jess. Olen seems to have a mutual romantic interest in Kisha, Giles's sister; the two were meant to date on the beach the day of the accident at the mine. Alundra enters Olen's Nightmare after the mine collapses in order to determine the cause of the incident.

Jaylen appears to be the youngest of the four miners, and is a talented engineer: he designed the railway inside of the mine.

Lyman loved his mining job, something not many people understood.

Zane's field sprite

Zane was in charge of the heavy machinery, and despite the fact the he was rather rude to Alundra, many said that he always had a smile on his face.

King Miming[]

The leader of the dwarf tribe, Miming is acording to Wendel a kind and honorable man, but is not someone you want to piss off, Miming is a careful man, when Alundra first meets him at the statue of Nirude, he asks his men to stand guard and place a defense mechanism to prevent intruders from entering the fortress.

Despite his serene ways he is very direct when it comes to intruders, he movilizes his troops to take down anyone on sight not caring about the reasons of those involved, however as much of a believer of his master Nirude he doesn't questions the old god's will, and follows his command without any complain.

Miming later offers Alundra the Water Cape and promises to joins the Dreamwalker's cause and keep defenses up at the mountain.


The captain of the Klark the place where the adventure of Alundra the Dreamwalker starts, Merrick is a man of the sea and is revered by all sailors, he is a very straight man he directly tells Alundra to stop bothering him when the young man started wandering about in the ship.

After the Klark sink due to a storm, Merrick choose a career change, and started a shop at the south of Inoa, the items he sold are of outragious prices, however the items are one of a kind, that's when he and Alundra agreed exchanging the items for a rare relic called Gilded Falcons.


The fairy that Wendel saw when he was younger and Nestus and Bergus saw when they ran off form the village, Stenia is a water spirit that lives in a small whirlpool beneath the water, though her role is small and nearly unrelated to Alundra's quest she does posessess vital knowledge of the past of the land, Melzas and Nirude, she explains how is it that Nirude lost its god powers and how Melzas came to rule and how the King realized the demon's plot. However Melzas floods the underwater cave and Stenia rewards the Releaser with a blade to slay demons, the Fiend Blade, after this she asks Alundra to flee the cave.