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Lutas is a character featuring in the video game Alundra. He is a resident of Inoa Village, and wife of Fein. Lutas is regarded as being a very pure person, with a strong sense of justice, despite some slight womanising tendancies.


Lutas spends most of his time in his house, in the village, where he can be found early in the game. He befriends Alundra quickly after he arrives in te village, and is deterimened to see the good in the Dreamwalker, even when the others begin to lose faith. Lutas often reasures Alundra during his quest, and provides moral support.

Soon after Alundra returns from Magyscar, Sybill approaches him with a new vision; Lutas will perish, and his purity and justice will be reincarnated into the Holy sword; a weapon powerful enough to destroy Melzas. Through the link between Melzas and Alundra's mind, Melzas learns of his, and sends Ronan to safeguard Lutas and prevent his death, while Giles kills Sybill to stop the visions, and Jess to prevent the forging.

Melzas' plan works, and Lutas remains alive long after the others have perished, even surviving the fire that engulfs the village. After the villagers take shelter in the Sanctuary, they decide to actively defy their god, and use their collective dreams to creative the Holy Sword while Lutas yet lives.