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Cave of Magyscar
Alundra dungeon
"It is the birthplace of all things living.... And also, the dark pit to which everything returns in the end. We go there if someone we love is dying... We call out to his or her spirit, to stop it from crossing to the other side."

Magyscar is the legendary passage to the afterlife, by the mythology of the people of Inoa Village. A small shrine is set up at the fore, where the villagers pray for mercy against death and suffering. The wall at the rear of the shrine can be broken with the Flail, after Giles' Nightmare is relieved.


The passage of Magyscar is riddled with torn bushes, which need to be burnt to pass. The vast majority of puzzles within Magyscar revolve around these bushes, the the flaming torches Alundra must employ to burn them. These puzzles often concentrate on the correct placement of the torches, as they can not be reused, and Alundra will drop them if hurt, and they will extinguish is a drop of water lands on them.

Magyscar introduces the moving platforms; if Alundra walks in any direction while standing on these platforms, the platform will continue in that direction even after Alundra stops moving. These various elements are often combined to create many puzzles testing reflexes and quick thinking.

Also seen are falling bridges; a series of platforms that slowly drop into a pit. These require quick thinking to plan the transportation of a barrel and a torch to the other side of the pit before they drop too low to complete the puzzle.

Arrive in the penultimate chamber, Alundra faces off against the great Corpse Worm. Destroying it delivers Alundra to the final chamber, where he meets Uma; the Queen of Life and Death, and Guardian of a Crest. She apologizes to Alundra for the Corpse Worms actions; it was mad as the Murgg have stolen Uma's Crest. To the far right a blocked passageway can be seen, however Uma informs Alundra that this is the realm of the dead, and thus the living have no place here, and transports him back to Jess's house.