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Meade is a character featuring in the video game Alundra. He is a resident of Inoa Village, along with his wife, Rumi, and twin sons; Bergus and Nestus.


He and his wife Rumi moved to Inoa from the Capital City. They live in this quiet little village with Meade's father, Wendell, and their twin sons; Bergus and Nestus. Meade takes a back-seat role for most of the game, occasionally offering his opinion on matters, until the late phases of the game.

He is first met while Wendell is struggling against his nightmares, as he supports his bedridden father. After Alundra's triumph, he treats the hero warmly, but becomes protective of his children as the villagers lose faith in the Dreamwalker.

After the Murgg kidnap Bergus, Meade begs Alundra to save him. Alundra complies, entering Nestus' dream, and crosses the link between the twins' minds. This reveals itself to be a trap crafted by Melzas to draw Alundra away from the village long enough to burn it to the ground. Meade was trapped inside his house as it collapsed, along with his wife, leaving their sons orphaned.