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Meia is a character featuring in the video game Alundra.

Background and Personality[]


Like Alundra, Meia is of the tribe of Elna, the "dreamwalkers". However, she feels that Alundra uses his power quite carelessly, without regard for the consequences. She is rather headstrong and confident, and often treats other, particularly Alundra, as her lessers. She has been shown to be rather intelligent, showing great wisdom even in her childhood years. She also learned of her dreamwalking ability by herself, and has learned to destroy the nightmares without the aid of weapons.

She was born in a distant city controlled by the servants of the gods, and spent much of her early life there. After leaving, she lived somewhat nomadicly, searching for the reason for her power, until she arrived at the village Inoa.


Meia's father was killed in a tragic accident some time in her early life. After this, her mother became obsessed with the gods, and feverishly delved into their past. Discovering the truth about the gods, presumably Melzas, she tried to warn everyone, and was burned at the stake before her daughter.

Scarred by this horrific execution, and scared of a similar fate for herself, she fled the city. Little of her actions is known in this period, other than she learned of her power to enter the dream world, and decided to try and use this power to help people. Inevitably, she was drawn to a village plagued with nightmares with the ability to cause death.

When she arrived, Alundra had ventured out of the village and Myra had fallen to the nightmares. After she explained her powers to the village, and learning of her fellow, less experienced dreamwalker, Alundra, she entered her nightmare, and destroys it. Just as she emerges, Alundra returns to the village. Meia, Alundra and Septimus enter a brief discussion over their personal beliefs and opinions of the nightmares. With Meia realizing how ignorant the village is over the source of the nightmares she rejects all their opinions and plans as equally ignorant.

After the two groups butt heads for a while, Alundra finally enters her dream while she sleeps. There, he learns of her past, which seems to be somewhat aware of, as her treatment of Alundra becomes far softer and more caring henceforth. However, as she never raised the issue explicitly or made any reference to it, it is unknown how much she was aware of.

The next morning, Meia and Alundra are both summoned to see Nava. She arrives first, and it is not revealed what they spoke of, however, when she emerges, she states the Nava seems to have chosen him already.

After Alundra confides in her about Sybil's vision of the Holy Sword, she pieces together many other actions of the small clergy and other odd happenings around the village, concluding that Alundra must have prayed to Melzas, and thus allowed him to enter his mind. They attempt to destroy the statue of Melzas, and thus close the demon's access to Alundra's mind, but this only gives Ronan an opportunity to kill Jess and stop the forging of the sword.

At the funeral, she attempts to approach Alundra, but seems to think better of it and leaves wordlessly. The next morning, Gustav calls both her and Alundra to his house, as his daughter has fallen to the nightmares. However, she is forced to admit that she can not defeat the nightmare alone, and requests Alundra's assistance.

With the nightmare, she seems to have developed feelings for Alundra, even going as far to call him "lover boy" when requesting his assistance for completing a puzzle. After they manage to destroy the nightmare, they return to the village triumphant.

That night, Giles falls to the nightmares, and she summons Alundra for assistance. However, they are unable to save him due to the intervention of the Murgg, and Giles is consumed by the nightmares, before he wrests control long enough to end his own life, rather than be a twisted servant of Melzas.

After Bergus is kidnapped by the Murgg, she once again fetches Alundra, who enters Nestus's dream to locate and return the child. While Alundra is traversing the dreamworld, the village is attacked. Although she does her best to defend the village, their numbers are too many and the attack is too well planed for one person to stop by themselves.

By defending who she can, and stopping any of the Murgg attempting to attack the mayor's manor, she skillfully manages to avert a complete disaster. After Alundra returns, and after Ronan's death, she suggests they all move into the basement of the sanctuary, where they will be safe.

As Alundra leaves to destroy Melzas once and for all, she bids him farewell, and begs him to be careful and return to her. In the ending sequence she leaves to travel with Alundra, but they part ways after an undisclosed period of time.