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Meia's Dream
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Meia's Past
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After Sybill's funeral, Alundra ventures into the mind of Meia, in order to discover her true allegiance and goals. It is the only dreamworld unaffected by Melzas or his minions that Alundra enters, and is therefore empty of all enemies, and is generally simple and easy to navigate.

During the flashback sequences, the music used is Underground Tomb.


Meia's dreamworld takes the form of a secluded and hidden garden. The design seems to have been inspired by Mayan or Aztec architecture. Along the north end of the garden is a series of seven stone doors, each with an image of Meia standing in a crucifix pose.

Soon after arriving in the garden, Alundra meets a young Meia, who instantly invites Alundra to play with her. After Alundra agrees, she will run and hide somewhere in the garden. After Alundra finds her, she will run to one of the doors, causing it to open.

Within, Alundra is confronted with a small puzzle. Solving this gives him access to a statue of Meia bound in chains. Striking the statue repeatedly will free her, and she will vanish. Standing on the platform that held the statue will show Alundra a pivotal moment in Meia's past.

After exiting the room, Meia will be hidden once more, leaving Alundra to find her again. Doing so until six of the seven doors are open will see her stand waiting for Alundra in front of the seventh door. Here Meia and Alundra play a different game, with Alundra approaching while Meia sings, and hiding while she is silent.

Reaching Meia will prompt her to thank Alundra for playing with her, before she runs through the final door. Following her will allow Alundra to leave her dreamworld.