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"I am Melzas, ruler of this wretched land. Those foolish enough to dabble in the affairs of my subjects shall pay the ultimate price..."

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Melzas is the main antagonist in the video game Alundra.

Powers and Abilities[]

Melzas's projection of his mental self

The powers of the various gods within Alundra are ill defined, so are Melzas'. Though the certainty of the limit of his powers are unclear, many of his abilities are known. He appears to be able to manipulate space, and possibly time; from the centre chamber of the Lake Shrine he was able to deactivate two clock towers and stop time within the Shrine, and able to chase the Fairy Pond to collapse, despite the seal weakening his powers and being a substantial distance away.

Many times he appears before various characters as a flickering, blue apparition. He uses this to warn Alundra against his efforts and to argue with Lars a number of times, but is never seen using this avatar to use his future powers.

When facing Melzas, he summons a great dragon, and teleports around the arena, creating another of clones while he charges his spells. During this fight, he demonstrates his most important abilities: He is able to manipulate the minds of others, even beyond the abilities of the known members of the Elna. He used this to rule via the avatar of the king, and to fool the entire kingdom into believing they had lost the power to create.


Melzas fell to the Earth from one distant world. Some time after landing, he learned of the gods the human had created through prayer. Deciding he wanted this power for himself, he inserted his image into their culture, and created a few followers. When the worship began, and his powers manifested, he used them to peer into the minds of the humans, and saw what they had done to the Gazeck.

Fearing what would become of him should worship cease, he entered the king's mind, and whispered to his thoughts, making him his puppet. Melzas began to rule via proxy, assuring that he was the god of the state; heresy against him was an unlawful action. However, the king realised what was occurring, and began to move to take back his throne.

He summoned his court magi to Melzas's castle on a lake, where they sunk it, and sealed it off from the rest of the world, by seven crests. The king entrusted these crests to the seven Guardians, and demanded all worship of idols cease. Trapped, and with his power diminished, Melzas swore revenge, and crafted a nightmare he spread across every person within his power.

People believed they had lost the power to create, and decided it must be because they destroyed the idols and betrayed the gods. The people began to hate the king for this, and so many idols were spared, in secret, and Melzas's power remained.

Below the lake, he could only reach out through people's dreams, and so he recruited Zazan, the leader of the Murgg and Ronan to his service. The Murgg he used as blind worshippers, and as his right hand in the world outside which he directs to recover the crests. Ronan he used to keep the villagers of Inoa subdued and loyal, and presumably used other priests in a similar manner in other villages.


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Some time later, one of the guardians, Lars, contacts a young man. Melzas attempts to head Lars off and discourage the man from moving against him, unsure of what Lars is planning. After the young man reaches the village of Inoa, he has Ronan force him to pray, and learns much of the man; Alundra.

Realising that Alundra's dreamwalking ability could prove to be a great threat, he begins besieging the village with more nightmares, more powerful than normal, hoping to create one powerful enough to destroy Alundra. However, the threat increases, when a second dreamwalker appears, whom refuses to pray to the gods.

The war continues much the same, until Sybill, a girl gifted with foresight, shows Melzas, unwittingly via Alundra, a vision of a villager named Lutas dying, and inspiring Jess, the village blacksmith to craft the Holy Sword; a weapon powerful enough to destroy him. Fearing this weapon, and Sybill's visions, Melzas sets a plan in motion.

Giles, apprentice to Ronan, is sent to kill Sybill, and prevent future visions. Ronan is charged with protecting Lutas until Jess is also dead, thus preventing the sword's creation. The plan works, however Jess left a message behind which removes all doubt of Ronan's involvement.

A short while later, Zazan is slain, and thus Melzas takes command of the Murgg directly. He sends them to kidnap one of a set of twins, and bring it to their village. He allows some to enter the child's dream, so that when Alundra, entering the dream through the other child, arrives he does not suspect the true plot.

As this occurs, Melzas sends a horde of Murgg to destroy the village, in the hopes of completely destroy that threat. However, some of the villagers survive, and they realise the truth behind Melzas, and turn from him completely. This not only angers Melzas, but Ronan too. In his rage, Ronan attacks Alundra, but is destroyed.

Without an arm left in the world, he sends his final servant, Zorgia to prevent Alundra recovering the final crest and raising the Lake Shrine. However, this proves futile, as Alundra overcomes his servant, and enters the ancient castle.

Now terrified of Alundra's strength, as the villagers' prayers have crafted the holy sword for him, he stops time and seals his throne room from Alundra. However, Alundra overcomes these and confronts Melzas.

Melzas sends his most powerful bodyguard, a great dragon, against the hero. However, it is destroyed and he is forced to engage Alundra head on. The hero's powers prove to be too great, and his body is destroyed. Refusing to admit defeat, he draws Alundra into his mind, and attacks him there. This also proves futile, as he is destroyed utterly, with his castle falling to ruin around him.

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