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The Murgg are small white monkey like creatures that inhabit the region of Torla, and are a pest to the inhabitants of the region.


The Murgg tend to be timid, and are quite frightened by the human population, as revealed by an overheard conversation. The murgg are weak and fragile, but extremely fast and agile; able to scale most barriers with seeming ease.

The Murgg are none too bright either; easily manipulated by Melzas and drawn to worship him and aid his return. Their village appears somewhat primative, but with a surprising gem of technology hidden in the great tree they inhabit; an elevator. The source of this device is unknown, but considering the other technology present and the Murgg's overall intelligence, this may have been a gift by Melzas, stolen from elsewhere, or crafted by a prisoner.

The Murgg have been seen to indulge in a number of pleasures in groups; drinking wine and devouring mushrooms in caves. An interesting note, is despite their fear of humans and the other creatures outside their forest, they are fiercely terratorial, and will often attack intruders on sight.


Four types of Murgg have been observed through the events of Alundra: