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"You got it, elf boy. Every time I go to sleep, something blows up. So, I don't sleep. Which makes me very grumpy. Now will you go away?!"
—Nadia, when Alundra first meets her

Nadia is a character featuring in the video game Alundra. She is another sufferer of the nightmares, residing in Inoa Village.


Nadia's interest in Bonaire betrays her poor taste in men. Despite Myra's pleas for her daughter to get involved with any other person, she has yet to give up on her one true love. One day, Bonaire may notice.

Nadia like all other villagers displays different symptoms related to her dreams, in her case she causes things to explode or crumble which frustrates and scares her, leading her to fight sleep for extended periods. Her real personality could be caring and sweet judging from her comments about Bonaire, but this are not displayed since her self imposed insomnia leaves her grumpy.

Nadia and Bonaire fall victim to their nightmares at the same time. She refuses to allow Alundra to enter her dream until Bonaire is saved. To this end, Alundra enters his dream and fights Sara; the cause and core of both the nightmares. After Alundra defeats her, Sara vows to take the life of the one Bonaire loves, but has been too blind to see.

As Alundra emerges, Nadia's death is announced by Septimus. Nadia's death lead Jess to craft the Iron Flail for Alundra; useful for breaking the large blocks. Myra, on the other hand, sees Alundra as the cause of Nadia's death, and blames and condems him.