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Naomi is a character featuring in the video game Alundra. She is a resident, and shopkeeper, of Inoa Village, living with her husband, Yuri.


Naomi is a bussiness woman, through and through; she cares little about the opinions of the villagers when it comes to her customers, instead only worrying if they have enough gilder to pay for her wares.

Naomi also holds the Silver Armour, which she is happy to explain is a family heirloom, and refuses to sell. However, following the fire in the village, she entrusts it to Alundra to aid in his quest, but asks to return it without too much damage.

She takes refuge in the Sanctuary following the fire, like the other villagers.


"I know these are tough times. In fact, we're all feeling the pinch. But if you try to walk out of here without paying for that, I'm afraid I'll have to break your kneecaps."
—Naomi, if Alundra tries to leave the shop while carrying an item

Item Cost Stock
Herb 5 gilder
Strength Tonic
Strength Tonic 15 gilder
Magic Elixir
Magic Elixir 30 gilder
Life Vessel
Life Vessel 500 gilder 1
Silver Armour
Silver Armour N/A 1