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Nava is a character featuring in the video game Alundra. He is one of Zolist; humans with incredible lifespans. He is one of the few that were alive to see the Lake Shrine sink beneath the waves, and see The Releaser come to fight Melzas.


Nava was among those that saw the Lake Shrine sink into the lake, and was entrusted with one of the seven crests, becoming both a Zolist and a Guardian of the Seal. After being given his great burden, he and Cephas were entrusted with guarding Inoa Village and watching for the coming of the Releaser; one who would destroy Melzas once and for all.


As the decades pass, he watches, until a sudden storm destroyed a ship off the coast, and deposited a young man on the beach. After Alundra begins to show his power to fight Melzas and his minions, he begins to take an interest. After Meia arrives, he calls both to his sea-side shack.

There he inspects and questions them, one after the other, and decides that Alundra is the one to be the Releaser, giving him the Spring Bean which allows him to reach Nirude, a fellow Gaurdian.

Following Alundra's confrontation with Ronan, Alundra is informed of his true nature, and comes to seek his help. However, Zorgia also had interest in him. The two fought over the Diamond Crest, trashing his house in the process. Though Nava is left defeated and dying on his floor, he refuses to give up the crest until Alundra arrives.

He watches the duel between the two as he dies. After Alundra emerges triumphant, he calls out from the nether world, granting Alundra the final crest, and thus the ability to face Melzas.