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Nava's Keep
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After Alundra faces off against Ronan for the last time, the villagers gather in the Sanctuary for safety. Cephas approaches Alundra and informs him that Nava holds the final crest. Alundra then travels to Nava's cabin, which is now abandoned, allowing him to descend the staircase that Nava had previously always stood in the way of.


After progressing through the straightforward passage under Nava's cabin, Alundra finds himself in a non-Euclidean set of repeating thirteen chambers. Each chamber has three exits; while it may at first appear that the destination chamber is random, it is actually consistent.

The first task is to find the chamber containing the exit, which has a stairway lined by unlit orbs. Examining the sealed exit door will cause matching orbs to appear in the other twelve chambers; all of these must be lit to open the exit. The twelve chambers are as follows:


The room is open, and simply contains four Locus enemies. Destroy them will reveal the orb, which can then be activated.

Stone Covers[]

The floor contains a number of cracked stone slabs, which can be destroyed, and are guarded by four Bugbeasts. Under the stones, three doors and the orb are hidden, and can be revealed using Bombs.

Cliffs 1[]

The chamber contains a set of cliffs. Within the cliffs are the three doors, and atop the cliffs is the orb.

Cliffs 2[]

Similar to Cliffs 1, but with Locusts.


This room is free of enemies, and simply contains a three tiered pit with a stone spire in the centre. Atop the spire is the orb, and the three doors are each at a different level.


Identical to the Locusts chamber, but containing Bugbeasts instead of Locusts.


A series of standing stones dominates the room, with four Locus leaping around, and the orb set on the highest point.

Killer Pond[]

This chamber is mostly filled with water, with a island in the centre, containing the orb. The water contains four Killers, preventing easy access.

Killer Platform[]

This chamber is also flooded, with four Killers within. Destroying them will result in a platform containing the orb will fall.

Locust Stones[]

A set of large stones dominates this chamber, with four Locusts guarding them, and a chest containing a Gilded Falcon and the orb sunk into them, out of reach. Destroying the Locusts will result in the chest and the orb lifting out of the stones.

Tunnels 1[]

This chamber has a set of three tunnels branching off in various directions. However, Alundra must navigate them blind in order to locate a Herb and the orb.

Tunnels 2[]

Similar to Tunnels 1, but much simpler; the orb is simply in the centre.


The exit chamber contains a single flight of steps, flanked by twelve orbs. Once the ten orbs are activated, Alundra may exit onto Nava's island.

The small island has two chests, containing a Life Vessel and the Wind Book, both of which must be collected before entering the house on the western end of the island. Entering will see Nava gravely injured; he takes the time to explain that Zorgia attacked him, seeking the final crest. He also provides several details of the origin of Melzas. With his final effort, Nava gives Alundra the Zolist's Stone, allowing him to obtain the seventh and final crest.

However, Zorgia returns and attacks Alundra in an attempt to claim the crest, initiating a boss battle. Alundra is able to defeat Melzas's chief servant, and watches as Nava rises in the same form as the other deceased guardians. Nava uses his power to return Alundra to his cabin on the shore, and urges him to make his final move against Melzas.