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Nirude is a character in the original Alundra. He is of the Gazeck, or giants; great stone statues carved in an unknown age before Melzas, and given life by the prayers of humanity. Nirude is the last Gazeck remaining, housing the Dwarfs within.


The Gazeck were born from great stone statues crafted by humanity. Nirude was among the first, and came to life as the humans began to pray to them. Before long, the other Gazeck became greedy, and desired all of humanity's prayer from themselves and thus a war began.

Ashamed and disgusted in his brethren, Nirude simply watched as each of his brothers and sister kill each other, and as humans began to forget about their bloodthirsty gods. As humans began to turn away, Nirude found the dwarfs and enlisted them into his service. As they were fewer, their prayers could no longer animate his body, so instead he offered this as a home for the dwarfs, and watch over them as a mental entity.

The King of Torla know of this, and choose him to guard one of the crests that would keep Melzas sealed for all time.


Nirude watched and waiting, awaiting the day when the Releaser would come. As the day approached, Zorgia's behavior changed, and Nirude began to suspect he had made allegiance with Melzas.

One morning a young man began to fight his way through his body, opposed by many of the dwarfs. However, they proved ineffectual in stopping Alundra, and the Dreamwalker reach the head of the ancient god. There he confronted Alundra, and set him a test to see if he was the Releaser he had waited so long for:

He folded space and time, taking them both to a huge passage with a single walkway. After giving himself a battle, the two duel. Due to Nirude's monstrous physical prowess, Alundra must resort to cunning and guile to defeat the Giant. He succeeds, and Nirude presents Alundra with his crest.

However, Zorgia returns, confirming Nirude's suspicious. Zorgia fatally wounds Nirude before King Mimming and men soldiers arrive. Nirude uses the last of his strength to relate what had occurred and allow all to flee, before his body fell into ruin.