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Nirude's Lair
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Nirude's Lair is situated high on Torla Mountain, on the eastern side, overlooked by Inspiration Point. The lair is actually Nirude's physical body, crafted by humans long ago and given life by the power of prayer.


The majority of the dungeon is dedicated to the attempts of the Dwarfs to thwart Alundra's attempts to infiltrate the lair. Initially, this is simply done by locking the entrances using a number of stone heads. By destroying all of the stone heads, including one which requires the completion of the Underground Waterway to access, the doors are reopened, allowing Alundra to enter.

As Alundra progresses futher, the dwarfs repeatedly demonstrate their dedication to their lord, their cowardice, and their ineptitude. For instance, when Alundra enters the lair after destroying the stone heads, they openly admit that they are fleeing "like little girls". Another example occurs when Alundra enters a certain room, where he is initially unable to progress due to a high ledge, and many bugbeasts are dropped into his area. However, exiting and reentering after killing at least one of the bugbeasts will see the dwarf throw the wrong switch, providing Alundra with the means to progress.

On a number of occasions, Alundra is required to utilise machinery within the lair; it is unknown whether these devices are the work of the human craftsmen or the dwarven settlers. The dwarfs' clumsy attempts to use them, however, might imply the former.

When Alundra reaches the topmost chamber, he is confronted by the mind and spirit of Nirude himself. Though initially believing Alundra to be a servant of Melzas, he eventually recognises the crests he carries. He challenges Alundra to see if he is worthy of wielding his crest, and the title of Releaser. Alundra ultimately prevails, and Nirude congratulates Alundra on his cunning and skill.

At this point, Zorgia, a winged servant of Melzas, swoops in and attacks Nirude, fatally wounding him. As Nirude slips away he calls on his servants. He also calls Zorgia a turncoat, betrayer of the giants and someone named Wilda. The dwarfs arrive in time to chase Zorgia off before he attacks Alundra. With his dying breath, Nirude clears Alundra of his murder, and grants him the Topaz Crest. With the mind and spirit that had sustained the idol for so long now dead, the lair largely collapses.