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Olen's Nightmare
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Alundra dungeon

Olen's Nightmare is a dungeon in Alundra. It is the second nightmare dungeon, and the third dungeon overall.


After the Coal Mine collapses, Olen, the only one who escaped the collapse, is brought to Beaumont's house after he passes out. While the others debate the cause of the collapse, Septimus suggests that Alundra search in Olen's nightmare for the actual cause of the mine's collapse. In the nightmare, Alundra talks to Olen and finds out the lever combination to start the engine from Zane. When Alundra returns to Olen, he uses a Mining Bomb to destroy rocks blocking the way to another part of the mine, but the tunnel turns out to be full of Murgg, who ambush the miners. Shortly after the Murgg arrive, Alundra is called out of the nightmare by Septimus due to Olen's deteriorating condition. Olen subsequently perishes, mere moments after Alundra exits his mind.


There are two rooms in Olen's nightmare: one is the entrance to the Coal Mine, where Olen and Lyman are located. The other is the room with the engine, where Zane is located. After talking to Olen and Lyman, the player should enter the other room and speak with Zane, remembering the lever combination in order to turn the engine on (left, left, right, left). After that, the player should speak to Olen, triggering an attack by the Murgg. The player should defeat them all as quickly as possible in order to claim the Gilded Falcon from the chest that appears after defeating them. If the player takes too long, Septimus will call them from the dream, and the Gilded Falcon will be lost.


While most dungeons in the game have exactly one each of Gilded Falcon and Life Vessel, Olen's Nightmare lacks a Life Vessel. This makes it one of a handful of exceptions, the others being Wendell's Dream, the Sanctuary, the Fairy Pond, and the Tower of the Great Tree.