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Reptile Lair
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The Reptile Lair is an underground complex, concealed beneath the Dark Swamp southeast of Inoa Village. A small antechamber is accessible at any time; containing several Pukus enemies and a chest containing a herb, it actually grants access to a fenced-off area of the final chamber of the dungeon.

The main complex can only be accessed after the Hunter's Bow is obtained; its first cavern allows a path to the aforementioned antechamber to be opened as an escape route, since Alundra cannot leave via the hole he falls in through.


The complex has many large caverns and tight corridors, frequently alternating between the two. The large caverns typically contain large groups of Lizard enemies, while the corridors tend to feature ambushes using statues. Some of these statues will become animated as Alundra approaches, while others will keep spawning Lizards until the statue is destroyed.

Other notable obstacles include a maze with three fireballs that home in on Alundra, making his only safe refuge a set of wooden platforms, as well as large pools filled with spiked balls and other hazards. The dungeon is unlike most others in that it focuses more on combat abilities than puzzles; the most intellectually challenging aspect of it is probably mere navigation.

In the depths of the complex, the Keeps of the Twin Reptiles may be found. At the deepest chamber of one of these is the lair of the lizard king itself, Repilicus Maximus, can be found. Destroying the ancient stone beast opens the fenced-off area in the chamber and summons the spirit of Jeal – once a metalsmith, and one of the seven guardians – who congratulates Alundra on his prowess, and grants him the Fire Scroll and his Sapphire Crest.