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"You see? The gods do exist. They exist in the hearts and minds of those that pray dearly to them"

Ronan is a character featuring in the video game Alundra. He is the priest of the village of Inoa, and advocate of the gods.


Ronan entered the church at an unknown age, and has since gained an obsessive fascination with the gods, and an unhealthy loyalty to them. He lives in the sanctuary, just north of the village, and invites the villagers to come and worship as often as they please.


Soon after Alundra arrives at the village, Ronan decides it is best to keep an eye on him, and so he invites him to pray within the sanctuary as soon as reasonable. Due to the statue of Melzas in the basement, the simple prayer allows Melzas to peer into Alundra's mind and gauge whether Alundra is a threat or not.

Content to watch as the events unfold for the time being, he retreats into the sanctuary, and remains there until Meia arrives. Identifying another threat to his master's plans, Ronan diligently invites her to pray. However, she is aware of the nature of Melzas, and the power of prayers, and thus declines.

Becoming bitter at this failure, Ronan begins to curse Alundra and blame him for the ill the village suffers. When Sybil shows Alundra a vision of the Holy Sword, and his confrontations with Melzas, the demon passes the message along to Ronan, along with a plan to prevent it.

Soon after, Septimus and Alundra break into the sanctuary, suspecting Ronan's motives. The two find many puzzles and hidden switches, until they uncover a hidden basement. Inside, they find Ronan praying before a statue of Melzas. The two factions argue for a short time, with Ronan unfazed by the pairs discovery, believing the crushing blow to their crusade will soon be dealt.

That night, Giles confirms that he did as instructed; Sybil is dead. The day after Sybil's funeral, Alundra and Meia approach him at the statue, looking to destroy the image to cut Alundra from Melzas. However, as Ronan is before them, Meia seems to think better of it and leaves, Ronan still remains unfazed.

Later that night, Jess approaches Ronan in the graveyard beside the sanctuary, where he kills the blacksmith, and leaves him to be found in the morning. Ronan gloats in his victory, by blaming Alundra squarely for the death of Jess. However, Jess left Alundra a note, allowing him to see the truth behind Jess's death.

A few nights later, the murgg attack the village, razing it to the ground. However, the mayor's manor and select few other buildings remains standing, where Ronan attempts to convince everyone that this is punishment for turning from the gods. However, they are all now undeniably certain that Melzas is not a god, but a demon.

Angered, he leaves and locks himself within the sanctuary. The next morning, Alundra approaches him once more. Enraged at Alundra's persistence and the villagers' turn, he calls to Melzas for power, which is granted. He is transformed it a twisted beast, and attacks Alundra. However, Alundra gains the upper hand at the end and slays the mad priest once and for all.

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