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The Sanctuary's Secret
Alundra dungeon

The Sanctuary is a religious building located directly north of Inoa Village. It is heavily modelled after High to Late Middle Ages Catholic abbeys, carrying the same air and purpose; with a hospital ward, kitchen, graveyard, crypt, library, school and other rooms. It can be revisited after completion, but in the closing stages of the end of the game becomes locked.

Deep below the altar is a small shrine with a statue dedicated to Melzas, where Ronan worships. In the grounds near the graves lives the grave keeper, Cephas.


Alundra and Septimus agree to enter the Sanctuary to ascertain Ronan's true motives the day after visiting Magyscar. After breaking and entering, the duo find many traps and hidden rooms, until the shrine beneath the altar is revealed. Ronan himself stands before them and explains that not only do the villagers know of the shrine, but they have worshipped within before.

Later, after the fire of Inoa, Alundra returns for a final confrontation with Ronan, where the priest calls upon the powers of Melzas to transform him into a twisted demon. After Ronan's death, the villagers take refuge in the shrine, having destroyed the statue of Melzas. It is after these events that the Sanctuary is locked, and can no longer be revisited.


While most dungeons in the game have exactly one each of Gilded Falcon and Life Vessel, the Sanctuary lacks a Gilded Falcon. This makes it one of a handful of exceptions, the others being Wendell's Dream, Olen's Nightmare, the Fairy Pond, and the Tower of the Great Tree.