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Septimus is a character featuring in the video game Alundra. He is a scholar, and is often the source of many myths, legends and explanations of various things in the game.

Background and Personality[]

"A god without mercy is simply a demon"

Septimus is a scholar by trade, and came to the village of Inoa three years prior to the opening of the game. Since arriving he has attempted to find a cure of the nightmares the villagers face, but has thus far been unsuccessful. A mentor, Tarn, is referred to early in the game, but nothing is known of him or his role. However, his work is not wasted, when he identifies and guides Alundra in the lore of the dreams.

Septimus is fun loving, but fairly stubborn regarding his personal beliefs and ideals, refusing to yield to Meia's ways even when she displays a superior understanding of the nightmares. Septimus is adamant in his ideal of ending those nightmares, and trusts Alundra deeply from the very beginning.


"All these damn books, all my years of study, and I can't free Wendell from his nightmare! I'm not a scholar...I'm a fool."
—Septimus's despair

While Alundra is exploring the village, he meets one of Septimus's patients; Wendell. Wendell's condition continues to worsen, so Alundra is sent to fetch him. Alundra finds the scholar depressed and despairing; after three years of study, he still can not find a way to deal with the nightmares.

As Alundra turns to leave, Septimus notices a mark on Alundra's forehead. Recognizing it from an ancient elfish tribe, the Elna, Septimus asks Alundra to fetch a tome that had been left within Tarn's manor after he left, while he attempt to ease Wendell's suffering.

Alundra succeeds, and Septimus guides Alundra in entering Wendell's dream. Afterward Septimus explains Alundra's powers in greater detail, describing his ability to walk in the dreams of others, and interact with their personality there in. Just as Alundra leaves, the Coal Mine Collapses.

A few days later, after Meia arrives in the village, and voices her opinions on the nightmares, Septimus appears and argues with her briefly. Later that night, after Alundra has been attacked by Kline, he and Alundra chase the hunter through the village, attempting to corner him. However, they resolve to wait until morning before attempting it again.

During the attempt, Septimus pulls Alundra from the Kline's mind when Kline starts writhing in pain. Kline awakes, but the nightmare has token over his mind, and transformed him into a werewolf.

A short while later, Septimus and Alundra resolve to discover Ronan's true loyalties and motives. After breaking into the building, they begin their investigations. Finding many secret passages and hidden traps, their suspicions are strengthened. Eventually they discover a secret chamber beneath the alter, where Ronan himself in praying.

Behind him, a statue of Melzas stands tall and mighty. Ronan and Septimus argue for a short time, revealing that most of the villagers know of the illegal idol, and that Ronan believes the nightmares are the gods' punishment for humanity's disloyalty. Realizing that their arguments are wasted on the priest, Septimus leaves saying that a god without mercy is simply a demon.

The next morning, Septimus attends Sybil's funeral, before approaching Alundra, saying their investiagtions must now turn to Meia, and uncover her nature.

While Septimus distracts Myra, Alundra slips into Meia's dreamworld. Within, Alundra uncovers Meia's painful past, and shares his discovers with Septimus.

A few days later, when Bergus has been kidnapped, Septimus suggests that the twins' minds may be connected, and theorises that Alundra may be able to span the gap between the two, by entering Nestus's mind. However, this proves to be a part of Melzas's plan; the village is attacked by the Murgg while Alundra is within the dreamworld.

Septimus assists the villagers in taking refuge within the mayor's manor, and attempts to quell any disagreement between the villagers. After Melzas is destroyed, Septimus assists in the rebuilding of the village, but his fate is left unknown.