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Certain bosses in Alundra do not take normal damage from weapons. Rather than losing HP according to the weapon's damage output, they generally take just 1 HP of damage from everything, essentially converting their fixed HP into a fixed number of hits to kill them.

There are very few exceptions to the damage reduction: the Holy Sword's normal attack deals 2 HP of damage, and its charged attack deals 3 HP of damage. The Legend Sword also deals 3 HP of damage. Magic is unaffected by the damage reduction, and remains as potent as usual; however, the Water Scroll, Water Book, Wind Scroll and Wind Book are sometimes entirely incapable of damaging special bosses.

The special bosses are as follows:

  • Soul Leech (in Kline's Nightmare)
  • Werewolf
  • The Hideous Thing That Ronan Had Become
  • Zorgia
  • Dark Dragon
  • Melzas (First Form)
  • Melzas (Second Form)

There are also a handful of obstacles and regular enemies that take a similarly fixed number of hits to be destroyed.