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Sybill artwork
Sybill's speech portrait
"You're the one from my dreams. The one summoned from the realm of our unconscious! You've come us."
—Sybill, on first meeting Alundra.

Sybill's field sprite

Sybill is a character featuring in the video game Alundra. She is among those that assist Alundra directly in his struggle against Melzas, and one of the few to never waver in her support of the Elna.


Sybill lives with her mother, Sierra. Nothing is known about her father. Sybill has the uncanny ability to dream only while awake; these dreams are prophetic in nature, and often foretell the more important and pivotal events to come.

Due to these dreams, she had foreseen Alundra's arrival, and knew he was to be trusted. She offers Alundra help in the form of her visions, and guides Alundra when he is lost or unsure.


Sybill approaches Alundra just after he wakes from Jess's House, claiming that she had foreseen Alundra's arrival, and that he was to save them. After Alundra returns from the Coal Mine she shows Alundra a vision of the village hunter, Kline, transforming into a werewolf.

Some time later, Kline is revealed to be under the influence of a nightmare, and is corrupted and transformed into a monster that cannot be saved. This sets off a chain of events causing the other villagers to loose faith in Alundra, but Sybill is undeterred, and offers him another vision from her dreams; she foresees Lutas dying, and Jess crafting the Holy Sword: A weapon powerful enough to destroy Melzas.

Melzas sees this, via Alundra's mind, and instructs his two devoted followers in the village, Giles and Ronan, to stop this prophecy being fulfilled at all costs, and cease any more of Sybill's prophetic dreams. To this end, Giles and Ronan ambush her late one night, with Giles snapping her neck. Afterwards, they search to prevent Lutas's death by murdering Jess.

Sybill's vision though changed and prevented in some ways could not be stopedd as in the end, even with Jess's absence, and Luta's presence, the Holy Sword was crafted, wielded by Alundra which brought Melzas's inevitable demise.


Sybill has dreams which predict the future, much as an oracle would. In antiquity, the Greek term used to refer to the oracular seeresses of the Ancient Near East and the Mediterranean was a "sibyl".