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Tarn's Manor
Tarn's Manor
Alundra dungeon
This article is about the dungeon. You may be looking for the overworld area.
"Those in full command of their mental faculties will heed the course of wisdom and stay away!"
Melzas's warning

Tarn's Manor is both the first physical dungeon in Alundra, and the first dungeon overall. It was once the home of Septimus's mentor, and Alundra is sent there to retrieve the Book of Elna. According to Jess, the manor has been abandoned for "ten years at least".


Tarn's Manor functions as something of a tutorial, as most of the hazards are easily avoided. The dungeon also features a few different puzzle types, to get the player used to the variety, as well as a few simple encounters against Slimes and Murgg.

Upon entering the manor, Alundra is confronted by a projection of Melzas, who warns him to leave before locking the doors and releasing four Murgg to attack Alundra. Once they are defeated, two of the three doors open again, allowing Alundra to proceed. By flipping a switch, a secret passage behind a bookcase opens, allowing access to the chambers and waterways beneath the manor.

The eventual aim of exploring the waterways is to obtain a key. With this, Alundra can open the locked door on the upper floor of the manor, behind which lies the room containing the Book of Elna. After Alundra takes the book, Melzas reappears and issues another warning, after which Alundra can leave the manor.