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Exterior of the Klark

"Aye, listen to the Captain! The lady of the sea could never raise a swell strong enough to polish off the Klark!"

The Klark is a ship in Alundra.

Captained by Merrick, it is on this ship that Alundra begins his journey to Inoa Village.

By talking to Merrick in his quarters, the player learns that Alundra has been having a repeated dream of an old man telling him to go to Inoa. Another conversation is had with a sailor in the cabin next to Alundra's, regarding the crack in the partition wall. After these two discussions, talking to Merrick again (this time at the ship's wheel) prompts him to tell Alundra to go to his cabin until the ship arrives at its destination.

The Klark's destruction

Going to sleep, Alundra once again experiences the same dream. After this, he awakens to find the ship caught in a storm. The door being jammed, he has to escape through the aforementioned crack in the wall. Out on deck, the situation steadily worsens, culminating in the Klark hitting a reef.

Alundra is the only known survivor for much of the early part of the game, as he washes up on the beach, and is found by Jess. It later transpires, however, that the crew also survived: Merrick acquires the Medallion Shop, and the rest of the crew are found in the Riverside Pub.

Obviously, due to its destruction, the Klark cannot be revisited.