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Torla is the name of the region in which Alundra is set.

Torla is a bast land filled ith natural beauty and is a vestige of ancient civilizations where ruins can be found, also the land is filled supernatural locations where magical beigns reside, however in spite of its beauty, Torla is a cursed land, in the Lake to the North, a palace where a "demon adorned in light" takes the gise of a god to recive the power of adulation of mankind and rule over their lives at its own desire.

Its not explained if Torla is a region State or a Country, its located on the shores of a larger continantal mass or so it appears, since its borders are blocked by a deep forest where the dangerous Murgg live to the west, large mountains and the otherside of the bast lake are to the north and to the east a masive ancient desert. However there is a King somewhere on the land that five years ago realizing what was going on with Melzas demanded that the palace built to adore this demon to be taken down, it was sunk and all physical idols of it destroyed and forbidden from adoration in order to prevent the creature rise of power.

However the ever religious townsfolk of the Inoa village remain as the prime source of power to Melzas, according to Lurvy, the younger men and women of the town left sometime before Alundra arrives at the village, which is why all of the villagers are older couples, young children or oldtimers, several times throughout the game a large capital city is mentioned, but its never shown or named, However news of the events that take place in the village are recived in the city since none of the villagers move away due to the citizens fear of the curse.

Torla is an ancient land and the many places of historical heritage are vestiges of ancient gods and idols, there are several sanctuaries and shrines that revered elements, creatures and such, even the beastmen Murgg and Lizards around the land seem to have built settlements to praise their gods and live.


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