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Torla Mountain
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Torla, Mountain of Fire
Alundra dungeon

Torla Mountain is a volcano to the north of Inoa Village, and the name sake for the region of Torla. Torla Mountain has remained inactive for many years, possibly generations. However, after Alundra returns from the Tower of the Great Tree the volcano erupts, activating a number of geysers, which allow Alundra access of the molten caverns within.


Upon entering the caverns, Alundra is faced with his first challenge; a burn of red hot pillars bar his way. However, by employing the Ice Wand and Flail in turn, he is able to gain access. Much of the dungeon consists of a large pools of lava, causing continuous damage Alundra if he were to stand on them.

The use of the Ice and Fire Wands are needed continuously, with puzzles including; freezing fireballs to create platforms to cross large caverns, or to reach higher points in a given room.

All of the enemies within are fire based, and use fire based attacks. As such, if Alundra has collected Nava's Charm, once he collects the Charm Boots, the only time be can be harmed is via touch damage with a Lava Turtle withdrawn into its shell, making the dungeon laughably easy, considering the lateness of the game.

The penultimate challenge places Alundra is a large area, divided into a number of smaller chambers. Each chamber contains a pewter torch, and all land entrances have a gate, certain gates will lower if the torch is lit. The objective is to light all the torches and end the puzzle in the central chamber where an octagonal plate rests. Standing on the plate after all the torches are lit will open the gates, and allow Alundra access to the final puzzle.

The final puzzle is in two halves; two chambers contain either one or two hot pillars, and four torches on raised platforms. After freezing the pillars, they must be used to reach and light the torches, allowing Alundra access to Wilda's lair. The great dragon senses the crests Alundra carries, and challenges him for control over the Emerald Crest. Defeated, Wilda presents Alundra with the crest, and returns him to Inoa Village.