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Tower of the Great Tree
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The Giant Tree Tower
Alundra dungeon

The Tower of the Great Tree is the home village of the Murgg. They have built a small collection of store houses and a prison surrounding the tree, but most seem to live in the high branches of the tree.


As Alundra enters he will be captured by a small squad of Murgg, and imprisoned. However, the rear of the prison is weak and can be destroyed using a bomb. Doing so delivers Alundra amongst the roots of the Great Tree, where the Murgg have hidden a great deal of supplies and treasure.

After escaping, Alundra can begin to climb the Tree. Access to the higher levels is granted by an elevator towards the rear of the entrance hall; however the door to the elevator is locked, and no key can be found within the lower levels of the Tree. The majority of the dungeon is dedicated to the various traps the Murgg set for Alundra, and ambushes set upon him.

Using the branches of the Tree, Alundra can break back into the prison and free a Keysmith captured by the Murgg some time ago. The Keysmith, in gratitude, will assist Alundra by opening the door and allowing Alundra to progress future within. After locating a second elevator which will take Alundra to the height of the tree, Alundra locates and subsequently breaks the key to the door, and must once more call upon the Keysmith to repair it.

The way now open, Alundra reaches a platform built atop the canopy. There, Zazan, king of the Murgg, stands waiting. Zazan challenges and fights Alundra, with the Dreamwalker emerging triumphant. After Alundra reclaims the two Crests stolen by the Murgg, he departs for Inoa Village.


While most dungeons in the game have exactly one each of Gilded Falcon and Life Vessel, the Tower of the Great Tree is the only one to have two Life Vessels. This makes it one of a handful of exceptions, the others being Wendell's Dream, Olen's Nightmare, the Sanctuary, and the Fairy Pond.