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Underground Waterway
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Bourne of Water
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The Underground Waterway is a dwarf crafted waterway, draining water from a lake at the foot of Nirude into the river east of Inoa Village. It becomes clogged sometime before the opening of the game, but after Alundra exits Meia's Dream the Dwarfs unblock the entrance, allowing the machinery in the watermill to run and Alundra to gain access to the ancient passageway.


The Waterway is a simple dungeon, with only a few puzzles. Alundra must make use of floating logs as transportation for a large portion of the dungeon, and fit the downward flow of water at times.

Destroying the main pump of the Waterway provides Alundra access to a new portion of Nirude, and the final stone head the dwarfs will use to seal the entrance to Nirude.