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Wendell's Dream
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Wendell's Salvation
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Wendell's Dream is a dungeon in Alundra. It is the first nightmare dungeon, and the second dungeon overall.


Wendell's nightmare consists of a number of small rock islands with bridges between them. On the bridges are a number of stone blocks, which impede Alundra's progress. By flipping switches, the blocks can be moved around to clear a path to the upper area.

The upper area has two parallel bridges, forming a simple trial-and-error puzzle. At the end of the bridges is Wendell; approaching him initiates the boss battle against the Gelatinoid, after which the dungeon ends.

The dungeon is quite simply, serving as an introduction to nightmare dungeons. The nightmare seems to be aged and somewhat confused, reflecting Wendell himself.


While most dungeons in the game have exactly one each of Gilded Falcon and Life Vessel, Wendell's Dream lacks a Life Vessel. This makes it one of a handful of exceptions, the others being Olen's Nightmare, the Sanctuary, the Fairy Pond, and the Tower of the Great Tree.