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Wilda is a dragon living beneath Torla Mountain. Ancient and powerful, Wilda serves as one of the Guardians of the Crest.


Wilda lived near the Torla Lake which would eventually house the Lake Shrine, where Melzas resided. Serving him faithfully was Zorgia, until he was subverted by Melzas through promises of power. After the Shrine sunk beneath the waves, the King of Torla entrusted him with a single crest, and charged him with the mission to await the Releaser.


Some time after this, Wilda entered a deep sleep. As he did so, the mountain itself slept and the volcano contained within slumbered too. After sensing the disturbance in the region, Wilda awakened, causing the volcano to erupt once more. This drew Alundra to the mountain, and through the traps and caverns designed to test the Releaser.

Alundra was able to overcome these challenges, and faced the dragon in an epic duel. Alundra used the Ice Wand to freeze Wilda, and thus defeat him. Wilda presented Alundra with his crest and transported him out of the mountain.